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Hog Dawgs services the ranch and farm industry targeting nuisance and predator animals.  We are conveniently located in Central Florida, easily accessible to all 67 counties in the State of Florida. 

Wild Feral Hogs are not a native North America livestock species.  These feral hogs are found in all 67 Florida counties and in at least 35 states in the United States. We have searched the internet for the most comprehensive information on Florida Wild Feral Hogs.
Click on the University of Florida link: you won't be disappointed if you are a reader!

American Alligator: Alligators have been around approximately 35 million years.
Florida ranchers and farmers are always on the lookout in their ponds for these wild predators.  They prey on cattle and other wild animals coming to the fresh water ponds to drink, taking down even a domestic dog that has been working cattle roundup and needs to cool down.  Nuisance alligator removal is necessary on ranches and farms for this reason.
Click on the University of Florida link for an in depth publication:
Living with Alligators: A Florida Reality

Coyotes:  Florida is one of the areas in the United States recently colonized by coyotes, with coyotes entering the Sunshine State from Georgia and Alabama during the last 30-40 years. Early reports of coyote presence in Florida were limited to the panhandle, but coyotes have rapidly expanded their range to the south and their presence has been confirmed in 65 of Florida's 67 counties. Based on verbal reports from state and federal landowners and the agricultural community, coyotes appear to be rapidly increasing in abundance throughout Florida.(1) Rancher Perceptions of the Coyote in Florida1
Click on the University of Florida link to read this very interesting publication:
The Coyote (Canis latrans): Florida's Newest Predator

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